Day Five - A Pile of Content

A Month of Photos – Day Five

In this month of visual delight on QueerJoe, day five is all about an image where the content is interesting.

Day Five – Content Interest Imagery

I saw the scene in the feature photo yesterday at my favorite Chinese restaurant. It made me re-examine the kinds of images I wanted in this month’s series of photos. Yes, the vivid green of the pile of green beans might be considered appealing to some blog readers. But today’s photo focuses more on the interesting content, rather than the aesthetics of the picture. It was astounding to me that a server at the restaurant would be sitting at one of the public tables getting doing a kitchen task. I’ve never seen the kitchen in this restaurant, but I imagine it’s got space limitations that make this kind of work easier to do on one of their serving tables. I have also never seen such a large pile of fresh green beans before.

When a situation brings to mind questions and changes my ideas, I feel it makes for a good photo.

Current Knitting

I was able to get through the ribbing at the bottom of the

Now that I’ve established the stitch pattern in the body of the sweater, it should move along a bit more quickly. Next project status update will be on Monday.

2 comments on “A Month of Photos – Day Five

  1. I remember an Asian restaurant in San Francisco where a server was prepping food at one of the tables, but she was slicing raw chicken. Not as appetizing a picture as yours.

    1. Oh, that’s just wrong. And much less colorful. If you ever find yourself back in Princeton Junction, Shanghai Bun is very good and right behind Ellsworth’s.

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