Day Six - Interplay of Color

A Month of Photos – Day Six

The feature photo for day six is a section of a painting I like. It shows an example of the interplay of colors that fully pleases my eye.

Day Six – Interplay of Colors

Recently, I saw a painting show on Create TV that I had never seen before. It’s a Wisconsin Public Broadcasting System (PBS) show called, Painting and Travel With Roger & Sarah Bansemer. Roger is the painter and I’m not quite sure why Sarah is in the show. In this episode, Roger made a painting of three orange slices.

roger bansemer orange slices painting

I love this piece he did. More importantly, I appreciated that he explained how the interplay of colors created a richness and vibrancy which is the aesthetic that I always look for in colorful works. One example of this interplay was when he was adding the brighter lines of highlight at the top of the orange wedges. While it appears to be white paint, it’s actually a light gray paint. He used gray instead of white because he said that white would dull the other colors. I had no idea. I also love how he made the slices look translucent with the light coming through them.

Current Knitting

I’ll hold off posting a progress photo of the current project until Monday. Hopefully by then, I’ll have a lot more to show you.

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