Day Seven - Patina

A Month of Photos – Day Seven

Day Seven photo is all about patina. This lovely frog-fountain in the courtyard of a friend’s condo building has years of copper oxidation.

Day Seven – Vintage Patina

Often when someone shows me an old flip phone or a VHS cassette, I will joke about it’s wonderful vintage patina. But there is something incredibly rich and sensual about the lustrous coating on an old piece of metal or stone. Especially when it can oxidize or grow odd life-forms. Rust, verdigris, lichen, moss – all signs of outside aging can be wonderfully beautiful.

I’m not sure how long this decorative fountain has been in this Princeton, NJ courtyard. But it’s been there for at least twenty years. This spouting amphibian has earned it’s luster. It’s got the coating that faux verdigris tries to replicate, but never seems to accomplish successfully. At least in my opinion.

In this same courtyard, there is a concrete statue of Buddha that has an equally old-looking exterior. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever get back to that courtyard to get a photo.

Current Knitting

Tomorrow, I’ll update you on my current project. Making good progress on it, so it should be worth reading tomorrow’s blog entry (more than usual?).

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  1. Goodness I do love a good patina. Whether copper or moss/lichen on rocks and fences. My realtor wanted us to pressure wash our beautifully lichened picket fence that is at least 50 years old (we salvaged it 25 years ago). I agreed that we would de-moss the roof but the fence was out! I’m enjoying this series

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