Day Eight - Mandalaish

A Month of Photos – Day Eight

My earliest memories of doodling, drawing or scribbling always strove toward an ancient, circular symbol. The day eight feature photo is a form of mandala.

Day Eight – The Mexican Mandala

I’ve often said that I rarely find meditation or serenity in my knitting. I’m a somewhat impatient knitter (and you’ll see below that it shows). Despite how similar drawing can be to knitting, I find immense calm in drawing patterns. Especially circular patterns.

Mandala Drawing Kit

Today’s feature photo inspiration came from my local Mexican restaurant, Tacos Cancun. Like many of the restaurants in the locals area of Cancun Mexico, Tacos Cancun is very colorfully decorated. Their outside-eating area is festooned with colorful mandala-like tiles. Many of the brash colorways made me very happy. Mexico and India are two places that seem to defy the rules of color-interplay. They use unexpected color combinations that I find very appealing. There seems to be a freedom in this audacious choice of colors in the decorations and folkloric clothing of both countries. Perhaps there’s more discipline in their respective choices of colors, and I’m just not familiar with their color rules. But to me, it looks wildly interesting as a result.

Current Knitting

I mentioned I’d have progress to show in today’s Current Knitting section of the blog. And if you consider ripping out miles of yarn to be progress, I will have fulfilled my promise.

I got to about seven inches on the body of the cardigan and then had a ridiculously late realization.

Green Mountain Cardigan 07-08-24 01

I was going to start calculating the placement of the pockets on the front. It was then I realized that the circumference of the sweater is TWICE what it should be! Measure twice, cut once is the motto for woodworkers. I should heed that advice.

Now I’m back to just a couple of rows of ribbing.

Fortunately, there are a LOT fewer stitches in the correct version, so it should move along a bit more quickly.

4 comments on “A Month of Photos – Day Eight

  1. Somewhere in the world an overweight man is mourning the loss of his sweater. But, perhaps he should knit it himself, eh?

    I said Mexican pottery when I saw that photo because it’s always so cheery. In fact, that photo is going to be featured on my facebook page very soon, thanks to you and Jeff Bezos’ brainchild.

    1. When you write, “drawing,” do you men “coloring?” The colors are spectacular and the photo series continues to be so as well. Thanks again for it.

      1. Thanks Fred. I used to doodle and draw circular mazes and mandala-like drawings. I posted the coloring version of them as a different form of mandala creation.

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