Day Nine - Summer Bridges

A Month of Photos – Day Nine

Living within a mile of the Delaware River, I get to enjoy a magnificent river and all the bridges that come with it. Day nine is about river bridges.

Day Nine – River Bridges

The Delaware River is one of the boundary lines that separates Pennsylvania from New Jersey. Even though I live on the Pennsylvania side of the river, I am often in New Jersey. State boundaries don’t mean much when you live within a mile of your bordering State. And bicycling around in this beautiful area, we often cross the various bridges to and from New Jersey. The bridge commission is currently doing repairs on the closest bridge to where I live. We’re still able to cross over on-foot, but it doesn’t make for a very nice looking photo. The Center Bridge between Stockton, New Jersey and Center Bridge, Pennsylvania takes a much more beautiful photo. I particularly love the old, industrial look of the smaller bridges and how the frame the magnificent Summer sky and calm river.

Here’s a view of the Delaware River to the South of this bridge to give you a sense of the size of the river in our area.

Delaware River View 07-08-24 01

I can almost see my house from here.

Current Knitting

Given that I’ll make a bit more regular progress on the correct number of stitches for my cardigan, I may show photo progress more frequently than I had anticipated.

I finally bit the bullet and drew a schematic for the sweater design I’m working on and I’ll document it a bit as I move forward.

This is my way of “measuring twice” so I don’t have to reknit again.

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