Day Ten - Queen Annes Lace

A Month of Photos – Day Ten

The wonder of nature, especially when it shows off a little, makes me very happy. Day ten photo is natures version of lace.

Day Ten – Queen Anne’s Lace

Another ordinary occurrence is the subject of today’s feature photo. In fact, it’s really just a weed. So I’ll give you two options for today’s feature photo.

Queen Annes Lace 07-10-24

When I’m working on pulling together 30 photographs in 30 days, I’m more actively looking for beauty. And subject matter that makes me happy. I think the first time I ever picked a wild flower to give to my mom, it was this weed-flower that I picked. I recall that this flower was incredibly good at hiding bugs, and those bugs made it into the house. But I’ve still always loved this summer flower.

The wonderfully detailed canopy of this floral display has always brought me joy.

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the three inches of 1×1 ribbing on the cardigan, and establish the main stitch pattern.

The main stitch pattern goes a lot more quickly, so I’ll be making more visual progress in the upcoming days…and blog posts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still no where near as far along as when I ripped out the first attempt, but I’m getting there.

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