Day Eleven - Charles Portrait

A Month of Photos – Day Eleven

The feature photo for day eleven is a photo of a portrait painting that I love for many reasons. Meet Charles from the seventies.

Day Eleven – Charles In Technicolor

Our friend Charles prided himself on being somewhat eccentric. While I never knew Charles in the late seventies when this portrait was painted, it represents much of who I knew Charles to be. Seeing this portrait of him makes me happy, in that I see an aspect of who he is that is consistent with my ideas about him. The shirt he is wearing is a rayon shirt he found at Bamberger’s. For those in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Delaware area for a while, you’ll know that Bamberger’s was a very popular department store. It was purchased by Macy’s back in the ’80’s. But not before Charles found this fine shirt. This photo and associated portrait make me very happy every time I see it. It speaks volumes about my friend Charles. How he sees himself and that it was important to document this self-perception in an oil painting.

There are times when I think Charles was somewhat timid and averse to confrontation. Then there are other times when he is downright audacious.

Current Knitting

Updates in tomorrow’s blog entry on the cardigan project. But to supplement content for the blog, I’ve gone back to cranking socks.

Gearhart CSM with socks in progress 07-11-24

This photo shows one sock (hung-hem) completed, hanging below a second sock in-progress. Hopefully, I’ll have a pair of socks to show you tomorrow.

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  1. The portrait is beautiful and a worthy addition to your month’s gallery thus far. Thank you for sharing it.

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