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Knitting Friends It’s always most gratifying when my my friends have successes in their lives, so I’m thrilled to write today’s blog entry. Barb Brown’s

Managing Stress Over the years, my tolerance for stress has decreased significantly…I used to be able to rally very quickly even when life stayed stressful

QueerJoe’s Ugly Shame Every once in a while, I find myself saying this to prospective clients or in job interviews… …I Love Microsoft Office!!I know,

Blog Privileges Even though I’m a relatively low-readership exclusive-readership blog, I am sometimes asked to take free stuff to promote it on my blog. Completely

Hoist By My Own Petard I know, I have amazing disdain for the folks on the KnitList who kvell over an actor that knits, but

Are You People Still Here? I haven’t lost any of you, yet, have I? Geez, this is a lot of pressure, since I know the

Blog Contest Here is your first chance of hopefully many opportunities to win great prizes by showing off your knowledge of QueerJoe and things that

One fiber-related skill that I’ve never pursued is crocheting amigurumi, but now I have a little starter kit. Zootopia Amigurumi Thunder Bay Press and Disney

Mostly, I love Noro because nobody does color like they do…rich, vibrant, deep, saturated, luxurious color. Designing With Noro I was reviewing the latest Noro

There are a number of benefits of working from home. QueerJoe’s Rules Yes, I can attend meetings in my slippers and pajamas with bed hair,

Recently, I posted a blog entry reviewing the new Koigu book, Wrapped In Color, which Amazon starts shipping this Tuesday, though you can pre-order. now

As I near the 12th blogiversary of QueerJoe, I was very grateful to hear the Benjamin Levisay podcast interview of Franklin Habit.  He reminded me

Remember at the beginning of the year, I actually made a few New Year’s resolutions…what was I thinking? Half Year Status Update Just like the

Male Fiber Bonding Like many Apple products, I didn’t realize how much I needed the company of other male knitters until I found myself in

Blog Tour: Knitting Knee-Highs, by Barb BrownA few months ago, I was thrilled to get an advanced copy of long-time Blog Reader, Barb Brown. Here

Nominations Being Sought!Due to the generosity of a couple of anonymous donors and the results (so far) of the Men’s Knitting Retreat auction, it looks

Luggage Space It’s difficult to throw away good clothes, but based on what I won, was gifted or came in the giveaway bags at the

Performance Reviews How many of you have to go through a performance review process at work either as the person being reviewed, and/or as the

Sprint Sucks One of my favorite google tips is when you want to find out bad things about a company, put the name of the

Old Topic – New Spin – Books On Tape I’ve read for years on the KnitList and other forums about knitters who multi-task by knitting

Greedy Consumerism Usually when a blog starts with this kind of title, it’s about someone else. Unfortunately, this one is about me. When is Enough

Do Library Cards Expire? I used to go to the library every other week or so years ago and take out a couple of books

I Want A Puppy It doesn’t make any sense, because of how little I’m home, but I still envy Mel with his new puppy, and

Back To Reality Or at least, back to work. Like Christmas always did when I was a kid, Rhinebeck went by so quickly, especially after

Aesthetic Taste Thaddeus and I had a visit from the infamous Curmudgeon this weekend, and one minor event piqued my curiosity. Common Factors of BeautyWhilst

Singing Praises I know I usually write with a critic’s voice, but today, I want to rave about a singer and some upcoming events she

Opera Queen No, I’m not talking about Franklin (this time). One Of My Favorite CD’sDuffy’s comment about Freddy Mercury made me remember one of my

Back To Work Having off two weeks with no travel plans was a nice preview of what I hope retirement is like. Don’t Get Me

So Many Poseurs All these politicians pretending to be doing good things for people, and all they give a shit about is power and getting

Big Lips What is it with these disgusting, unnatural looking lips that some folks think make them look sexy? Plastic SurgeryAs a gay man, who’s

Moving Deadline My craft show friend let me know on Sunday morning that she needed my completed scarves that day at 4:00 pm. Completed ScarvesThinking

Magazine Overload I don’t subscribe to any magazines at the moment. I used to subscribe to the national rag for the GLBT community, but it

A Warm Welcome and Huge Shout-out to… Me! Howdy everyone! I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday, because my gosh-dang toe was still aching like

Color Overload Sometimes I dream of living in a Kaffe-like world, but I don’t know if I could handle it. Fabric HeavenAs Liza teased in

Self-Esteem Is your self-esteem strong enough to be able to appreciate someone who speaks badly of you? Blog NastinessKathy mentioned in comments that someone was