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Hot Mass Murderers Finally they’ve found a mass murderer who I don’t find attractive. Green River Killer This guy has confessed to killing around 50

Knitting Excitement I know when I sit at work dreaming about working on my current projects, my excitement level for knitting is high. Knitting Projects

Hits on the Rise I’m not sure if it’s just a general rise in interest for knitting blogs, or due to the post from the

Naked Knitting Do a Google search on Naked Knitting and it will amaze you how sites are out there. Increase Web Hits I’ve decided that

Priorities If you want to know what your priorities are, just look at what you focus on the majority of the day. Knitting Priorities I’ve

Happily Knitting I know, I know…what fun is it when everything is going well? Knitting Progress I did pick up Ronas Hill as soon as

Sweater Weather With each week that I drive my sorry ass up to Albany, NY, it gets colder and colder. Of Two Minds On the

Diversions I can’t tell you how comfortable it is being back among multiple knitting projects. New Project I’ve been chomping at the bit to start

One Sock Down Even without the competitive aspect of sock knitting, I was still able to get the first sock done. Sock Knitting Non-Competition It

Knitting Competition Now that I might have regained my lost knitting time in the Lisa Sock Competition, I don’t feel so bad about starting a

Colors, Colors, Colors Interesting and unconventional combinations of colors have always been incredibly appealing for me. Brother/Sister-in-law Gift My sister-in-law (this one is “in-law”, she’s

Frustration I started a sock. I stopped a sock. I started the Janis project. I stopped the Janis project. I went to start the Fair

Log Jam I have so many things I want to start. I have very little energy. Knitting Plan I’ve decided I need to focus on

Post Stitches Let Down After all the last minute hectic knitting getting ready for Stitches, and then the exuberance of the actual event, I’ve cut

The Best Stitches Yet This year, Stitches reminded me of my first year, except BETTER!!! Blog Readers I was amazed and pleased to have gotten

World Wide Web It’s always nice to be reminded, blog writing does go out to a world-wide audience Web Lesson For those of you who

Political Rant When did it become more important for a candidate for public office to have witty reparte in a debate, than it was to

Busy Boy No, I haven’t died, faked my own death or gone to Ireland unexpectedly. I’m still alive, but busy. Getting Ready for Stitches Weekend

Blog Contest Entries As the final chapter in another QueerJoe blog contest, I present all of the entries. Which would you have selected? Guest Blog

Multiple Projects – Again It’s nice being back to working on multiple projects. Rebekah Sweater I have finished all of the pieces of the Rebekah

Blog Winner For those of you who didn’t recognize her writing, the winner of the guest blog entry contest was my friend Kathy. Guest Blog

MY MOST INTIMATE THOUGHTS KNITTING JOURNAL DATE: 19 September, 2003 SUBJECT: Knitting. Well, MY Knitting. Well, ME and my Knitting. Well, ME. MOOD: Delicate, but

Storm Warnings Red in the morning, sailors take warning. Driving Through Isabel I leave Albany this afternoon for home as Isabel inches its way North.

Thank You Thank You I am more than grateful for reader generosity in two ways. Blog Contest First of all, your generosity with your writing

A Desperate Plea A newfound friend on my Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered Knitting List is doing an AIDS ride in NJ, and is requesting donations. Please Give It’s

A Hijacked Blog Overall, I’ve very open to suggestions and questions on this blog. I figure if a question in the blog comments sends QueerJoe.com

Knitting Appreciation Nothing makes me more satisfied about my knitting than to have someone truly appreciate a finished object. Zachary Blanket Feedback I finally got

Critical Knitter The world is truly a mirror, and none more honest than the readers of this blog. Critical and Intimidating It’s been happening for

Funny Comments I’ve always thought the comments you folks leave are better than the blog itself. Blog Contest Caliber Comments In the last few days,

Blogging Can Be SUCH a Chore I don’t know what it is about getting out today’s blog entry, but I have had to force myself

Toys! Gawd I love toys. New Fiber Toy Folks on my favorite knitlist happened to mention a toy, and some awful list member included a

Blog Contest It’s been a little while since my last blog contest, so I figured it’s time for a new one. Guest Blog Writer Contest

Queer – Defined For one of the first times in my brief blogging history, I am kind of sorry I brought up the topic of

Queer What does it mean to be queer? Misunderstood I consistently expose myself to other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered folks and often forget that

Knitting Lists For regular readers, today’s compliments to some of the knitting lists will come as a big surprise. Good Things About Knitting Lists I

Another Completion Focusing on one project is good for my completion satisfaction…amazing how quickly I can get things done. Zachary Blanket As promised, I worked

Queer Eye for the Queer Guy Having lost my exclusivity of the word “Queer” to a popular t.v. show, I will now show you my

Fiber Temptations Fiber-related temptationss are something over which I have little or no willpower New Purchases I had to go to Simply Knit to pick

Pet Peeves Nothing seems to generate more reader comment on a knitting blog than the mention of something annoying. Since today was a slow day

Blah Blah Blog Now even the Democratic candidates for President are blogging…oh gawd, we’re doomed. Political Blogs I just read an excellent commentary in the

Ahh…Satisfaction Nothing more satisfying than finishing something worth finishing. FiestaWear is DONE!! I worked like crazy to finish the sleeves, and then sew them into

Knitting Meet Up What a great opportunity this turned out to be, getting to knit some very interesting and fun people. Meet Up Group We

Camera’s Back!!! Having gotten home last night, I now have access to my camera pictures again. Blog Ring Comments Again It was gratifying to see

Blog Rings Have you gone through the blog rings lately? I try to circle through at least one of the three rings on my blog

Knitting Guilt As a product of a Catholic upbringing, it never ceases to amaze me how I can feel guilty about anything. FiestaWear Pullover I

Weekend Knitting Weekends for me are always the time when I get the most knitting done. My job requires pretty long hours of work and