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Why is it that some things seem more tragic than others…especially when “tragic” should be the worst it gets? Perspective Doesn’t Help I remember when

Yes, I am officially, a Barista In Training. Early Birthday Present This past Thursday, I arrived home to my new espresso machine…a bit of a

Ever since the day we started playing Mousetrap, I’ve had a fascination with Rube Goldberg-type contraptions. Right in Philadelphia Airport Who would have believed that

Antiques Roadshow Often, when I watch this PBS show, I think, “Wouldn’t it be great to have an expertise in something like toys, or furniture?”

Tips And Tricks for Learning to Spin Yarn on a Wheel Mark, a relatively new reader sent me an e-mail asking if I had ever put

Making Use of Mad Skills Did you ever inventory your list of skills and then try and find a way you could leverage them for