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Jewish Women Why is it that so many women in the knitting community are Jewish? Background Having worked briefly in a yarn store, I noticed

Recovery Being sick really sucks, but being sick on my birthday weekend was really lousy. Birthday Weekend I got home on Friday night from Baltimore

Celebrating an Aging Queen’s Birthday The older I get, the less important birthdays seem to be. Birthday Gifts Every year, my mother gets me some

Birthday Knitting Today, right around now, I turn 44. I took a picture of myself to commemorate the occasion. I’m so grateful for good genes.

Oh My Goddess For those of you who read this blog because of the well-thought-out writing style, you may want to skip today’s entry. Schedule

Knitting – The New Denial How many folks would listen to a raving lunatic on the street screaming about UFO’s and give him credence? How

Meeting a Curmudgeon Who would have thought meeting a curmudgeon could be so much fun. Sunday VisitingMy Tomato Factory/Simply Knit friend Kathy and I got

New Project Progress Still not sure I’m liking the new cardigan design. Color MoronSome folks have an innate sense of color. They can balance colors,

Mercury In Retrograde Despite the fact that it’s not, it should be. Communications IssuesBased on Antonio’s vast understanding of the astrological world, Mercury is NOT

Booby Prize I have always had an incredibly bad memory for certain things. Thank goodness for folks who remind me. Contest – AgainAntonio, the second

Willie Warmer Pattern For those of you who are interested in making a Willie Warmer, I have asked my web-friend Robert if I could post

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Normally I renounce my Irish heritage at this time of year. Who wants to be associated with the drunken spectacle that

Queer Knit Blogging It’s great how popular knit blogging is becoming. QueerKnit Blog RingIt’s been a while since I took a spin around the QueerKnit

Vacation Memories Nothing makes my day more than being reminded of my time in Cancun. Cancun ColorsI’ve always been attracted to vibrant color combinations…especially when

Blog Contest So Far I have gotten a few entries to the contest so far. Amazing how resourceful some folks can be. Additional Contest RulesThere

Blog Contest Here is your first chance of hopefully many opportunities to win great prizes by showing off your knowledge of QueerJoe and things that

Men Who Knit Please don’t tell me men are about to become the next HYUK (What does the “H” stand for?…YUK is Young Urban Knitters,

Knitters’ Significant Others How does a guy who’s never picked up a knitting needle become such an expert at knitwear? Goods and BadsMy partner, Thaddeus,

Knitting Deliveries I may have been on vacation, but the post office wasn’t. I got two great packages while I was gone. Marianne IsagerEven though

Home and tanned Vacation was great. I won’t bore you with the details, except to say that that weather was perfect every day and we

Off for the week… This will be my last post before I fly out tomorrow morning (early) for vacation. Packing That word, “packing”, sure has

Lousy Snow I hate cold, winter, snow…etc., etc., etc. What the hell am I doing living in Pennsylvania? Earflap Cap AgainI finished a tester version

Valentine/Birthday Weekend All-in-all, a very busy weekend for knitting and family related aspects of my life Earflap CapThe finished hat came out great, but too

Changing Course Okay, here’s where you really get to see how I work. Jockstrap, Sweater Design Swatch, Earflap CapAs the Sister Sweater came to completion,

Global Knitting Knitting can make for a very small and comforting world. Marianne Isager I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, after my friend Kathy

The Design Process In trying to explain to Thaddeus what I was working on, I realized I have a very specific design process I use.

What a Pain This week sucked…what happened to my “gimme” life? Work was painful, and nothing seemed to go right. It required that I work

Knitted Gifts I’ve stopped giving knitted gifts at birthdays and Christmas because I find it focuses more of the attention on me, the giver, than

Back to Knitting After a brief foray in “Jerry Springer does Knit Blogging”, I’ll retire quickly back to less controversial subjects. But before I do,

Flaming I am definitely not a fan of confrontation. In most situations, I will avoid any type of awkward or uncomfortable situation. I hate when

Global Knitting I’m glad to say that knitting has served as a common language for me in countries around the world. Danish KnittingThanks to my

Knitting Stars There aren’t many stars in the knitting universe…so what does it take to make a name recognizable by almost all knitters? In the

Knitting Identity #15 from 100 Things About Me states: “I derive a significant amount of self worth from my job.” I identify as a Consultant…it’s

B.A.D. Hangover Now that Blogger Appreciation Day (B.A.D.) is over, I think I celebrated too much. Double Good NewsI headed over to my local yarn

Blogger Appreciation Day If I can declare knitting a sport as I did yesterday, then I can certainly declare a global holiday to honor bloggers.

Knitting as Sport As a male knitter, I’ve decided that knitting can now be elevated from the category of craft or hobby to an official

I’m just a girl who can’t say “no” I don’t know how I got hornswoggled into selling my knitwear at the Art/Craft show yesterday. Overall,

I’m a Barbie Girl… …life in plasic, it’s fantastic! Well, you know the song, but do you have the machine. That freakin’ Barbie has everything,

Lots and Lots of Stuff Today’s post has a lot of content, so buckle up poodles. Old TopicA kind blog reader (thanks Maribeth) sent me

Sweater Knock-Offs After I had completed published instructions for a few sweaters for Thaddeus and I, I realized a few things. 1. We wear the

Size Isn’t Everything At the speed of evolution, I enjoy the slow progress of knitting on small needles. Small Needle ProjectsI’ve always enjoyed working on

The Best Laid Plans… It appears that I’m about as good at predicting my own knitting as Cleo is (she’s not even Jamaican!). Knitting ProgressAfter

Whining Blog readers seem to respond with great zeal to whining, pet-peeves, annoyances, etc. A lot of the blogs I read describe things that they

And the Winner is… Both items I asked you to vote on last week came out with very clear cut answers. Thank you all for

Hand Knitting vs Machine Knitting I have to admit it…I’m a closet, repressed machine knitter. I’ve always been facinated by the fact that a human

Back to Work Tomorrow I head back to Baltimore to restart working after a two week hiatus…what an inconvenience to my knitting time. Voting continues

Decisions, Decisions I need your help to decide on two things. First which scarf should Wendy get (there are two choices) and second, now that

Male Knitting Observations As a man participating in a typically female craft, I have a few observations and stories: 1. I can’t tell you how

My First Sweater Doesn’t everyone have a “First Sweater” story? Well this is mine. Overall, it’s amazing how far I’ve come since that first attempt