Knitters Relief Balm (with or without CBD) – One of the best ways to relieve the stress, soreness and stiffness of your hands, arms, shoulders, back and neck.

For years I’ve just put up with soreness and stiffness in my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. I’ve learned to adapt how and where I sit. When I knit and crochet, I avoid overuse and repetitive stress related movements. It helps some to reduce soreness, aches and other issues including neuropathy (tingling, going to sleep, numbness)  in my upper arms and hands.


I am so glad to have found this amazing product. It brings instant relief in a natural, non-chemical way.


It’s turned out to have a lot more uses than pains, stresses and soreness from knitting. It’s great for arthritis (osteoarthritis in my case).  Also aches and stiffness, painful bruising, stress headaches and shoulder, neck and back pains.