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Weakling All my life I’ve been a weakling. It’s a good thing I can run like hell. New Sweater Design I couldn’t stand the pressure

QueerJoe Doppelganger An attractive, gay, male knitter in my own town that I’ve heard about for years, and never met…until yesterday. The Mysterious Marcus It

Slow Progress I can’t imagine how Wendy makes so much progress on her Fair Isle sweaters…she makes me look bad in comparison. Donegal Work is

New Starts How amazing that I can be sidetracked so easily by a simple trip to my local yarn store. Yarn Store Visit I stopped

Finishing Finishing a garment well can make all the difference in terms of how I enjoy the result of my knitting. Sara Cardigan The worst

Worst Case Scenario I’m usually pretty lucky when it comes to things turning out better than expected. Not this time. Major Setback It was no

When Knitting Sucks There are sometimes that knitting is just not fun. But to paraphrase a bumper sticker, even a bad day knitting is better

WIP – Work in Progress What does “in Progress” really mean. Is there a set rule of how long it’s been since the project has

Blogger Controversy I’m convinced that there are some people that are just “walking upsets” waiting to happen. Blogger Contributions After my blog rules caused such

Blog Owner Error Some days, I should not be allowed to use a safety razor. The day I posted the last blog entry was one