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Jewish Women Why is it that so many women in the knitting community are Jewish? Background Having worked briefly in a yarn store, I noticed

Recovery Being sick really sucks, but being sick on my birthday weekend was really lousy. Birthday Weekend I got home on Friday night from Baltimore

Celebrating an Aging Queen’s Birthday The older I get, the less important birthdays seem to be. Birthday Gifts Every year, my mother gets me some

Birthday Knitting Today, right around now, I turn 44. I took a picture of myself to commemorate the occasion. I’m so grateful for good genes.

Oh My Goddess For those of you who read this blog because of the well-thought-out writing style, you may want to skip today’s entry. Schedule

Knitting – The New Denial How many folks would listen to a raving lunatic on the street screaming about UFO’s and give him credence? How

Meeting a Curmudgeon Who would have thought meeting a curmudgeon could be so much fun. Sunday VisitingMy Tomato Factory/Simply Knit friend Kathy and I got

New Project Progress Still not sure I’m liking the new cardigan design. Color MoronSome folks have an innate sense of color. They can balance colors,

Mercury In Retrograde Despite the fact that it’s not, it should be. Communications IssuesBased on Antonio’s vast understanding of the astrological world, Mercury is NOT

Booby Prize I have always had an incredibly bad memory for certain things. Thank goodness for folks who remind me. Contest – AgainAntonio, the second