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Overtaken No surprise that Wendy has vaulted to the lead in Roscalie compared to my progress on Donegal. Knitting Pace Actually, I am somewhat relieve

I am SUCH a Hypocrite All that talk about not needing validation flew right out the window today. I’m a REAL Designer I just had

Knit Whining Whining about knitting is like whining about your spouse. You know you’re in love, and the whining is just one way of demonstrating

My People Sometimes when I’m joking with friends, I will discuss the gay, lesbian and transgendered population as “my people”. Knit Meet Up This weekend,

Gifts for Knitters You may have noticed I’ve included a countdown button from my birthday in the left panel. Let it never be said I

Focus Damn It! I’m having one of those periods in my life where I set sights in one direction only to be distracted seconds later

I Wanna Be Vishnu Rama, what I could do with 4 arms and hands. Pulled in Many Directions I want to work on all my

Blogger Void It has just come to my attention that one of my fellow male knitters and bloggers, Khebhin has died recently. His enthusiasm and

Passion or Obsession With me into my knitting and Thaddeus into foraging for mushrooms, some might say it’s definitely obsession. Codependent Behavior For those of

Humble Pie Let it never be said that I’m not open to feedback. Fiber Ignorance As an impassioned knitter, my first reaction to the “are