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I don’t do yoga very often, but I have often noticed how the folks of my age or older often have nicer bodies when they

Every once in a while, when I’m obsessed with a project I’m working on, I’ll envision how it should look and how I’ll construct it

Can anyone guess what this might mean? Longest WIP Ever I bought the yarn for this project in November 0f 2002…right around the same time

One of those delightful collisions of two worlds happened yesterday.  And it was accidentally even captured on film. Major Milestone and Coincidental Meet-up A good

Which sounds like more, 8 kilos or 17 lbs, 10 ounces? Better Canadian Export Than Celine Dion I’ve blogged about this before, that from the

I’m not usually a big fan of acronyms, whether they’re used for texting or shorthand in on-line forums (although I’m sure I’m guilty of having

There have always been cut-throat businesses since the founding of this country, whose only concern was profits and eliminating competition. Capitalism vs. Treason When large

Yes, while I only accomplished about 50 percent of my goals set for last year, it won’t stop me from setting some goals for myself

In the past few weeks, I’ve realized I can handle an enormous amount of both good and awful things in my life…I guess that’s one

Recalling every Sunday, how the priest got up to sermonize, I realize now that sermons were probably the original blogging before blogging came about. Spark

Kind of cheated with this one by just doing a collage of all the photos I’ve posted this month.  Got the idea from a friend

Category:  Rich ColorSubject:  Oxidized Highway SignDate Taken: August 20, 2013Comments:  Walking along a crappy road in upstate NY, littered with junk folks throw out of their

Category:  Manmade Organic ShapesSubject:  Road ExitDate Taken: August 20, 2013Comments:  This was by far my most labor-intensive photo to-date.  It was taken from an overpass while

Category:  Aesthetic InterestSubject:  Candle stick and candleDate Taken: August 25, 2013Comments:  One of my favorite gifts of an odd nature is this candle stick…the colors are rich

Today’s photo is actually a completed project that again, complies with the criteria for my daily photo selections. Category:  Vibrant ColorsSubject:  Baby Blanket knit with Mini

Category:  Graphic InterestSubject:  Random PosterDate Taken: August 19, 2013Comments:  Not sure what it is.  Not sure why it’s there.  Not sure when someone put it there.  All

Category:  Vibrant ColorSubject:  Playground Climbing EquipmentDate Taken: August 19, 2013Comments:  The bright sculptural beauty of these playground toys caught my eye in a very pleasing way, both from

Category:  Color CombinationsSubject:  Hotel Sign LogoDate Taken: August 19, 2013Comments:  Seeing this hotel chain’s logo sign, I wanted to capture this image both because I think the graphic

Category:  Nature and Vibrant ColorsSubject:  Poisonous BerriesDate Taken: August 19, 2013Comments:  All through my childhood, I saw these luscious looking, deep red berries growing, and despite how appealing

Category:  Vibrant ColorsSubject:  Jersey TomatoesDate Taken: August 15, 2013Comments:  Two of my favorite things…fresh Jersey tomatoes from a local farm stand and a vivid green bowl.  Not colors

Category:  Bright ColorsSubject:  Common Garden FlowersDate Taken: August 15, 2013Comments:  Neighbors have planted a number of pink/purple and yellow flowers outside their home and along their walk and

Category:  Vibrant ColorsSubject:  Koigu Interlocking Crochet ScarfDate Taken: August 18, 2013Comments:  Today’s photo is of the completed scarf project I’ve been working on.  Koigu produces some amazing

Category:  Rich Broody ColorsSubject:  Cannis LeafDate Taken: August 15, 2013Comments:  We grow at least on large pot of this plant every year, saving the tubers each year.  Soon

Category:  Bright ColorsSubject:  Summer Flower BloomDate Taken: August 15, 2013Comments:  Summer is by far my favorite season of the year, with all of its luscious fruits, bright sunny

Category:  Vibrant ColorsSubject:  Section of an Indian Fabrics QuiltDate Taken: August 13, 2013Comments:  Textures and colors as well as metallic threads all combine beautifully in this textile hanging

Category:  Vibrant ColorsSubject:  Beached KayaksDate Taken: August 7, 2013Comments:  I loved the vivid green and blue kayaks on the darker green sea grass.  Today’s photo is also a

Category:  Photoshopped ColorsSubject:  Glass mushroomDate Taken: August 11, 2013Comments:  This was the only photo I’ve actually given a title to…”Mushroom Cloud”…I was amazed that I could keep the rich

Category:  NatureSubject:  Butterfly on Lantana FlowerDate Taken: August 2, 2013Comments:  I was thrilled to be able to capture this beautiful creature on such a pretty flower.  I’m not

Category:  Vivid ColorSubject:  Sliced tomatoDate Taken: July 27, 2013Comments:  Enjoyed seeing how the slices of deep read tomato formed almost a heart shape.  The meaty red tomato always reminds

Having completely forgotten that August 1st was yesterday, and I promised to post a photo-a-day during August, I’m glad to have posted a blog entry

Remember at the beginning of the year, I actually made a few New Year’s resolutions…what was I thinking? Half Year Status Update Just like the

Having decided to participate in the WordCount Blogathon again this year, I made a few decisions about how I wanted to participate. Blogathon Goals First

What is quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah)?  Why should I care. The Good, The Bad, The Easy First, The Good – Quinoa is a grain-like vegetable grown primarily

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming useful tools in the knitting and fiber communities and I’m looking to see how far behind the curve I

Every once in a while, I want to see a visual summary of my blog. Tag Cloud – QueerJoe How accurate do you think this

Until recently, I have never been very aware of my body or the sensations therein.  For most of my life, I’ve been one of those

When did it become unacceptable to have someone give you feedback, correction or criticism?  Honestly, when someone offers me useful feedback about something I’ve done

Today is the first day of 30 days of blogging since I’m participating again this year in the WordCount Blogathon. 30 Days of June Last

I couldn’t possibly quantify how important having stability in my life is. Thaddeus, My Rock When life gets crazy and I’m flummoxed by a situation,