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One fiber-related skill that I’ve never pursued is crocheting amigurumi, but now I have a little starter kit. Zootopia Amigurumi Thunder Bay Press and Disney

There are distractions that are meant to confuse and divert attention and then there are distractions that are meant to entertain. Desperately Looking to be

Don’t ever let anyone tell you the transition to retirement is difficult.  I now get to focus on the things I enjoy and never feel

Some of you may know already that Volkswagen recently got in legal trouble with some of their diesel-engine cars and are going through a very

Sometimes I think I should dummy down my knitting and make it look more homemade. Too Perfect? My first craft show was two days.  For

Now that it’s no longer required that I pretend to care about or respect some of the people I work with, I’m left with enjoying

I’m wondering just how long it will be until my body, mind and soul catch up to the reality of being retired? Work is a

Well perhaps it’s just an expansion of a hobby…or a new twist to an existing obsession. Craft Show Knitter In the past, I’ve dabbled with

The first two times I published lists like this kind of depleted a lot of my more clever thoughts. More Random Thoughts – III The

It’s been years since I hosted a blog contest, so I figured it’s about time. Guess The Yarn – Win a Prize! Actually, you don’t

I don’t think any amount of money or incentive could ever get me to have anything to do with the Moab Monkeys’ hand knit hammock

If you wanted to really screw up your children, you’d convey constant messages to them that who they were, wasn’t okay. A Lifetime of Self-Loathing

Honestly, I’ve always thought the crochet world had a large number of strange people in it (me included).  When you look at the world of

Given that I did make some 2014 New Year’s Resolutions, I thought I should give an update on where I am halfway though the year.

Sometimes it pays to be known as “the knitter”. Even By Other Knitters Long-time blog reader and local knit friend, Leslie has been knitting for

Your friendly warning, Pinterest should be completely forbidden to those crafters with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Scattered Projects Like I didn’t have enough projects going

I know there are others that feel differently, but I find “Yarn Bombing” to be one of the biggest wastes of knitting time (or crocheting

Okay…what the hell are you supposed to do with partial ball remnants from completed knitting projects? They’re Taking Over In reviewing my outstanding WIP’s the

When did it become unacceptable to have someone give you feedback, correction or criticism?  Honestly, when someone offers me useful feedback about something I’ve done

Today is the first day of 30 days of blogging since I’m participating again this year in the WordCount Blogathon. 30 Days of June Last