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Category:  Vivid ColorSubject:  Close up of a Lantana flowerDate Taken: July 28, 2013Comments:  Purple and yellow has always been one of my favorite color combinations and with the

Category:  Color, Texture and CompositionSubject:  Two peachesDate Taken: July 27, 2013Comments:  Almost like a part of a classic still life painting, I was drawn to the softness and

Category:  Vivid ColorSubject:  Close up of a Rose Walton paintingDate Taken: July 15, 2013Comments:  The simple colorblock dresses against the green hill and the bright white bows and

Category:  Vivid ColorSubject:  Close up of a tea towelDate Taken: August 1, 2013Comments:  Loved the deep red representation of a lobster on this textile with the simple greens behind

Category:  Vivid ColorSubject:  Hand blown glass bowlDate Taken: July 27, 2013Comments:  Mostly, I wanted to find a way of photographing this beautiful glass bowl so that its true beauty

Category:  Vivid ColorSubject:  Tomato soup in chartreuse bowlDate Taken: July 27, 2013Comments:  The rich, deep red of the roasted tomato soup in the acidy green chartreuse bowl really caught

Category:  Vivid ColorSubject:  Close up of a painting by Rose WaltonDate Taken: July 15, 2013Comments:  I love this artist’s unflinching confidence in painting bold shapes of strong

Category:  Vivid Color/NatureSubject:  Chanterelle mushroomDate Taken: July 15, 2013Comments:  The deep rich color of a freshly foraged chanterelle and the ruffled trumpet shape make it one of the

Why is it that some things seem more tragic than others…especially when “tragic” should be the worst it gets? Perspective Doesn’t Help I remember when

Yes, I am officially, a Barista In Training. Early Birthday Present This past Thursday, I arrived home to my new espresso machine…a bit of a

Ever since the day we started playing Mousetrap, I’ve had a fascination with Rube Goldberg-type contraptions. Right in Philadelphia Airport Who would have believed that