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Corporate Knitters

As a left-wing, progressive, liberal gay man, I have some strong ideas about how corporations stack the deck against folks of lesser means…and often when they could easily afford to do otherwise.

Knitting and Political Universes Collide

Have you heard about the issue with the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, where Stitches West 2014 is being held and the strike of the union workers there?

Thanks to Powell, a West-coast knitter, I found out that the local AFL union in Santa Clara has finally said the working conditions and poverty-level pay by the Hyatt have forced them to strike and request people boycott the Hyatt.  Knitting Universe (Stitches West) has opted to ignore the boycott and cross the picket lines.

This will be the best mix of people since the East Coast Stitches used to share the same convention center with a gun show.

Anyone planning on going and can provide me with a first-hand account?

Current Knitting

Since I’ve been putting so much effort into the painfully slow inches I’ve added to the kid alpaca blanket, I thought the least I could do was to post a photo (it’s a pain in the ass to take photos of this thing).

Kid Alpaca Blanket 02-05-14

Putting it on the same couch as the granny square blanket, I figured would give a bit more perspective.
And here’s a close up of the fabric.
Kid Alpaca Blanket 02-05-14 Close

I do have to say, I enjoy knitting on this blanket…it’s completely mindless, and keeps me quite warm in front of the television.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Kerry and Alex offered NAYY and K/CAL as new acronyms…even though you comments will look unnecessary, I think I’ll edit the table on the last blog entry to have a complete list.  Thanks for those!

Leslie also noted, “And it’s absolutely none of my business but is it time to think about bringing another fur-baby home?”

I’m still missing Nico more than I can say, so I’m hopeful a new boy will be coming soon.  I’ll keep you updated.

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