MSKR 2014 - Llama Herd

Men’s Knitting Retreat Remnants

In addition to memories, I brought home Lulu from the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat.

Well…Not The Whole Llama

But I did bring back Lulu’s fleece.  And this past weekend I diligently washed these beautiful locks.
Lulu Fleece Drying Close
I can’t wait to card this up, but it will have to wait until July when I’m back up in Upstate NY, where I left my drum carder.  Teri, the owner of Wunsapana Farm does an amazing job of taking care of her llamas, and while she rarely sells the fleeces from her beautiful llamas, I was lucky enough to be able to take Lulu home.

Other Items That Came Home With Me

Teri also had a local alpaca farmer display some of his yarns for us.  Staghorn Valley Alpaca farm had some gorgeous yarns available and some of those made their way back to New Hope with me.
Staghorn Valley Alpaca Close

Then our visit to Blind Buck Farms beautiful yarn shop enticed me to take these lovely hanks of yarn home too.

Blind Buck Farm Yarn Close

Finally, I was also gifted this beautiful braid of purple roving by Aaron.
Aaron Roving Braid Purple Close
If I didn’t already have two spinning projects occupying my two wheels, I would be making beautiful yarn from this lovely gift.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

AKQGUY asked about the simple slippers I posted about in the last blog post, “I see you also added a bit of a gusset to yours. What was the basis for that decision and how did you decide where to begin your increases?”
I basically estimated when to start the toe-up gusset increases similar to how I do toe-up socks.  Then I figured I’d just write up the pattern for it which is free to download here.

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