Donegal Sleeve Steek

When Knitting Sucks

There are sometimes that knitting is just not fun. But to paraphrase a bumper sticker, even a bad day knitting is better than a good day at work.

Egregious Knitting Error

When I started the steek for the neck opening on Donegal, I didn’t make sure it was centered on the front of the sweater, I just counted the number of stitches from the left sleeve steek, and assumed it was centered. I also wasn’t exactly sure which size I was making, but I was pretty certain it was the middle size.

Well, I finally got around to counting stitches last night and there’s bad news, and possible worse news. The neck steek is definitely not centered correctly, so I frogged back to before the neck steek. Now that I’ve done that, I’m not even sure that the sleeve steeks are positioned correctly. I will verify that tonight.

Regardless, I frogged back a couple of inches and may need to frog back another twelve inches if the sleeve steeks are wrong. I’ll keep you updated.

Donegal Pictures

In case I have to rip it all aout, I figured I’d include a picture of the sleeve steek for posterity.

Donegal Sleeve Steek

You might be able to see that I started by striping the dark/light yarns vertically. I then switched to checkerboarding the colors after I heard it was better structurally.

I also figured that I could show you the back of the sweater.

Donegal Reverse

My floats are woven in on every fourth stitch as needed. I’m fortunate, in that I don’t have to worry about snagging a big diamond ring or an acrylic fingernail on the floats inside this sweater.

New Buttons

I went to the local flea market yesterday and bought these buttons.

New Buttons

The brown ones on the left look perfect on the Chock-a-Block cardigan, so I’m planning on using them. They end up being classic looking without detracting at all from the sweater. They also fit the button holes perfectly. I couldn’t have picked a better button. I had anticipated looking for simple wooden buttons, but now I don’t have to.

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