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This is the week of the sixth annual Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat at Easton Mountain in Greenwich, New York, and I don’t get exciting about anything else as much as I do this.

In Preparation

Formally, the retreat begins on Thursday afternoon, and technically, I work on aspects of the retreat all year long.  But this week, I’ll be staying at Easton Mountain (starting this evening), and since I had to pack up all the retreat materials yesterday, I figured it was time to start the blow-by-blow coverage.

So, this year, we have 46 guys attending, which is the largest one we’ve had in New York so far (I think 43 was the most we have had attend up until this year).  WonderMike may have had more guys at his retreat, but I’m not sure.  I think I’m the only knitter who’s going to be at Easton this early, but we have about six guys who are arriving on Tuesday and another 14 guys arriving on Wednesday.  Easton is a great place to schedule a “personal retreat” and I’m looking forward to just kicking back and relaxing for a couple of days beforehand.

So, yesterday, I packed for two weeks in NY (work and retreat) and loaded the car with all the boxes I hadn’t already carted up to NY.  This morning, I drove to work and I’m just about to head over to Easton to start the process.


Current Knitting

I finished the Newborn Vertebrae open-front cardigan for my sister’s co-worker’s shower.  It was a great little knit…fast, well-written.  I highly recommend this clever little baby-knit.  Here’s a front and back view:

Newborn Vertebrae 05-13-2013 Back(2)

It still needs a bit of blocking, and I have a couple other things to knit as part of the “gift.”

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Seanna Lea writes,  “ I love the baby sweater as well. Are you using a sock yarn for it?”
Yes, I liked the color and it’s superwash.  It’s a superwash merino/tencel blend dyed by Girl on the Rocks.  It was great yarn.


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