Knitting Patriotism

Bring Back Patriotism

There have always been cut-throat businesses since the founding of this country, whose only concern was profits and eliminating competition.

Capitalism vs. Treason

When large companies do something that damages us as a country, it is often seen as healthy capitalism.  So, when large companies try to weed out competition by off-shoring the manufacturing of their products, not only does it eliminate jobs and manufacturing facilities in this country, but it also puts significant strain on areas of our economy affected by the trade deficit.

And as leaders of industry, their actions almost dictate that smaller companies follow suit, or get swallowed up by their inability to compete.

I’ve started making a personal stand in my life, to look for areas where I can spend money domestically, even when it isn’t the most inexpensive way to do something.  I started with this Kickstarter program:

Blue Lace Project

The Blue Lace project is project by Brooklyn-based Jake Bronstein to have a local manufacturing company make one of the most amazing shoe laces, and have it be a highly visible symbol of American-made pride by those who wear them. His initial goal of $25,000 has been far exceeded, which in my mind, is a very positive indicator that we want this kind of pride back again.  The project allowed me to take my first small step toward favoring U.S.-based manufacturers.

Bronstein also runs an underwear business called Flint and Tinder which produces underwear and other garments here in the United States.  Suffice it to say, I may be spending more on clothes in the future, but I’ll be much happier wearing them.

Current Knitting/Crochet/Spinning

Working on a few things and started something new:

  1. Verve Sock (not much progress)
  2. Nico’s Granny Square Blanket (continuing to connect the granny squares)
  3. Kid Alpaca Blanket/Coffin Cover (added at least 3 inches to this project recently)
  4. New Spinning Project – Puff The Magic Rabbit Mohair/Shetland Mix
Puff Mohair Shetland 01-31-2014
I ordered this lovely roving from Mindy a while ago, and can’t wait to see what lovely yarn it makes.  She’s got some more beautiful rovings on her Etsy site right now…love the silk blends.

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