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Mandatory National Service

Did you know there are about 75 countries around the World that have some form of mandatory national service? Do you think it would be a good thing for the United States?

What is…and Why Mandatory National Service?

In Israel, for example, most of their citizens are required to do compulsory National Service for 2-3 years. They call it conscription, and once an Israeli reaches the age of 18, most are required to participate. Based on their physical abilities and/or religious beliefs, they are assigned to various services.

The benefits seem obvious to me:

  • Support their country financially and patriotically with service
  • Learn leadership and technical skill
  • Help protect and keep their country healthy
  • Foster diversity and a broader understanding of my fellow citizens
  • Help reduce dependency on the military industrial complex

I grew up with four brothers and two sisters…three older brothers, one younger brother, and two younger sisters.  All four brothers were required to register for the U.S. draft. I was the only one who wasn’t required to do so.  I was too young to register for Viet Nam. Then for a brief period of time afterwards, I was no longer required to register, they reinstated the U.S. draft and my younger brother had to register. My dad was also a Veteran of the Korean War.

None of my siblings (nor I) were required to serve in the U.S. Military.

How It Would Have Served ME!

When I first entered the workforce, working for a large corporate bank, I was ill-equipped in many ways. Sixteen years of education and summer jobs didn’t come anywhere close to preparing me for working in a corporate environment. I had some exceptional supervisors and managers in that first job. But there was a lot of “coaching” that was required to get me to understand what was expected of me. It could not have been easy for them.

Two years of National service would have prepared me in a much better way.

Don’t get me wrong, I did NOT want to fight in a war. I am also extremely glad my brothers  weren’t required to go to Viet Nam.

It’s not likely it’s ever going to happen, but having National service as a requirement for all U.S. citizens seems the right way to go. Bone spurs or not.

What are your thoughts?

Current Knitting

Did anyone notice the mistake in my knitting from the last blog entry?

Crosstalk Scarf 09-11-20 05

No? Neither did I.

I had knit three color-blocks on the Crosstalk Scarf. In the second color-block, I noticed a mistake, but I wasn’t too worried about it. But when the designer pointed out my initial mistake, I realized I had to rip back and re-do it.

The genius of this cabling technique is how the cabling hides the color transition. And I had totally screwed that up.  But I have made progress after  ripping back.

Crosstalk Scarf 09-14-20 02

Crosstalk Scarf 09-14-20 01

This design does require me to pay a lot of attention at the beginning of each cabling row. And to re-check it twice. But other than that, I can knit without thinking much on this one.

7 comments on “Mandatory National Service

  1. I agree with your position on National Service. I also agree that it’s probably not going to happen. And that makes me sad. But if thoughtful people like you talk about it, maybe something good could come of it, people thinking about the value of it…

  2. I always thought it was a good idea. HS graduates just don’t fall into good jobs like they did when I graduated in the ‘70’s. Doing a required military duty, would help with some direction in life for a lot of youth. Of course I would have hated it..😏 I kind of was lost after HS and I know it would have benefited me.

    You are right about it never happening now….people can’t even wear masks now during a pandemic….. Add the Government telling them what their kids are Required to do after HS……

  3. I think mandatory service is a good idea for everyone — male and female. And there is always plenty to do without going to war. The discipline and diversity training would be a real benefit to everyone.

  4. I totally agree with you, Joe. I really wish my mother hadn’t had a major fit when I was seriously considering signing up after high school. I had no aim and it really would have been good for me.

  5. Have you looked at the list of countries with required national military service? The US currently spends more on the military than the next 20 countries combined world wide, by the way.

    Now, that said – something like the depression-era work corps? THAT would make sense – spending a year or two doing something to improve the country. Spend money improving things instead of forcing youngsters into a common compliant mould.

  6. I agree that mandatory service would benefit citizens individually and benefit our entire country socially as well. It isn’t as though it has to be military work. What about working in civil areas… the dmv, the va, public education, the national parks service. Not every one is cut from a soldier’s cloth. There are many, many ways to serve our nation.

  7. When you finish that cool scarf, will you please post a photo of the reverse side? I checked the designer’s Ravelry page, and if a photo of the reverse was there, I missed it. Thank you.

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