QueerJoe Signature Look

QueerJoe’s Signature Look

The latest post of the Liquified Shawl on Social Media received a great comment from Susan K. It confirmed the notion that I have a “signature look.”

What Is QueerJoe’s Signature Look?

There are a few characteristics of my aesthetic that I can point to that are consistent:

  1. I tend toward deeper saturated colors. Colors my that Selma calls “broody.”
  2. When mixing colors in a garment, I almost never use black or white to help mix them harmoniously.
  3. I hate speckle-dyed yarns.
  4. Strong graphics grab my eye.
  5. I have little tolerance for blotchy pooling of colors.
  6. Graphic designs or patterns in my work are usually horizontal and not vertical.
  7. I’m not very talented using big, bulky yarns…so my designs are almost all fine-gauge and not chunky.

Any other commonalities you find in the items I knit?

Since I’ve started to sell my knitted garments, I have decided to market the Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf as the garment that most closely reflects my aesthetic. In fact, on the DoublePointed Designs web site, I even call it my signature stitch.

Of the six garment in the feature photo today, which do you think screams QueerJoe?

Current Knitting

First of all, I completed the finishing work on the Meilenweit socks I made on the CSM.

Meilenweit Socks 08-14-21 01

Two things I would say about this yarn:

  1. I wouldn’t knit socks by hand with this yarn – it’s splitty, rough on the hands and requires a gauge that needs a small needle that would be not fun to knit with.
  2. The length of Meilenweit Solo Cotone is only 393 yards. To make a US size 10 sock, I should have done the toes and the heels in a contrasting color yarn so I could have a hight cuff.

Meilenweit Socks 08-14-21 05 Meilenweit Socks 08-14-21 07

Meilenweit Socks 08-14-21 08

Meilenweit Socks 08-14-21 02

Meilenweit Socks 08-14-21 03

Meilenweit Socks 08-14-21 04

It doesn’t really matter…I will probably end up doing scarves and/or shawls with this yarn anyway.

I also started a new shawl.

Usonian Shawl 08-14-21 01

It’s called the Usonian Shawl by Dee O’Keefe. I’m using Woolfolk Tynd yarn that I bought at my LYS last week.

Usonian Shawl 08-16-21 02

Usonian Shawl 08-16-21 01

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on it already and I’m hoping it keeps zipping right along. It’s probably not my signature look, but it sure is purty.

2 comments on “QueerJoe’s Signature Look

  1. You may as well have titled this post, “7 reasons Lisa G follows me.”

    Can I get an Amen on #3?
    The second picture, the hat in the top middle is my image of you as a knitter. I’m fairly confident that Urth fingering.

    Here’s how I would introduce you. “The is me friend Joe. In addition for being a caring husband and cat lover, he’s a knitter. One who gets it. You might know him from his long time blog ‘Queer Joe’ and his work with the men’s knitting community. He’s knits like a quilter. Or a fine artist. He’s got his creative on lock down—you’ll like him.”

    Add to that great legs (after 50) AND hand cranked socks and I’m hating just a little.

    And I have heels to go with those legs if you want to borrow them. 😎

  2. I was surprised that your “signature look” description is so much like mine. However, after making lots of stuff, I am now really interested in garments with constructions that combine simple pattern elements with interesting patterns, and that also fit well. (I create patterns using both knitting and crochet fabrics.) Thanks for posting your comments for using up stash yarn.

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