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Expanding A New Skill

Remember when I first started drawing with my new iPad and Apple Pencil? Well I’m been expanding my new skill lately.

Two Ways Of Expanding A New Skill

Years ago, I took a live drawing class at college. I wanted to get better at drawing, but I was also hoping they’d have naked men posing. I was young and newly out as a gay man. Life was exciting.

They taught me a great skill. Gesture drawing. I was amazed at how an unskilled hand could quickly create a reasonable representation of art.

So I’ve decided to practice, practice practice.

An artist friend of participated in a Facebook event called Inktober. Basically, she drew her interpretation of a random word each day in October and posted it to the group. It seemed like a great way to learn more about how I could use, pencils, layers, backgrounds, textures, etc. on the iPad.

Random Words Procreate

They’re not incredible. I know that. But the exercise is great practice for my hand. It’s a great way to practice. I will probably participate in the actual Inktober event during October.

The second way, is I’m starting to draw portraits of people I find interesting and/or beautiful. Some are actual people and others completely imaginary.

While I’m really pleased with my progress, I recognize I’ve got a lot of work to do. Mostly right now I’m trying to get better at dimensional shaping, textures and what factors affect likeness in drawing a face.

Like other interests in my life, the possibilities for learning drawing are infinite.

But now, back to my main source of creativity!

Current Knitting

I was able to finish the second Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf done in the leftover Uneek Fingering.

Knitted Cross Stitch Uneek 09-13-21 01

I’m not sure if photos show it, but this one is distinctly less bright than the first one.

Knitted Cross Stitch Uneek 09-13-21 03

Quite pleased with how both of these turned out. While I think I prefer the first one (top scarf in the upper photo and left-side scarf in the photo  directly above), I really love both of them.

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  1. I appreciate the way you approach wanting to learn a skill- and seeing drawing as a skill rather than something you’re either born with or not. As a middle school teacher, I’m always trying convince my students that they can get better at whatever it is they feel like a failure at, and practice (investment) is key.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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