What is a Gimbal?

I recently broke the selfie-stick/tripod for my iPhone. What is a gimbal and will it replace a tripod?

This Is What a Gimbal Is (And Isn’t)

Mostly I used my selfie-stick as a tripod for my iPhone. It was a cheap, shitty, plastic one that barely worked.  And then a I broke it into a lot of pieces.

A few people I follow on social media had been praising gimbals for videos but they were going for about $100 or more. I thought that was a bit too expensive for a tripod that I might use to take videos sometimes. But then this one came on sale for $79 (sponsored link).

Hohem Gimbal 09-11-21 01

A gimbal is basically a mechanism that keeps an instrument in a stable position (usually parallel to the ground). In this case, it’s an iPhone holder that through weights and electric mechanics keeps the phone stable. Usually, it’s for taking videos that keep movements smoother…with less jerking around.

I have to say, it doesn’t make a very useful tripod. But it will work out okay.

Current Knitting

With some of the left over yarn, I’m making another scarf.

Bright Lizard Scarf 09-15-21 01

This is my “Bright Lizard Scarf” design. It doesn’t look great on the needles, but it makes a pretty impressive looking scarf when it’s finished.

Bright Lizard Scarf 09-15-21 02

Love this stitch pattern with beautiful colors.

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  1. We were trying to set up t take a big family picture and after trying to stabilize my phone with yoga blocks (not the worst choose as they are a least non-slip) my husband camp up with the idea of using a quick grip clamp on its side!! It worked brilliantly. Just adjust the clamp part to fit the phone and you can the phone and hold it in place!

      1. Yup. We have them because my husband is a carpenter/luthier but we had them with us on our family visit to hold our table cloth onto picnic tables. I also use them to hold my raddled on my looms.

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