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Knitting With QueerJoe – LIVE

I’m a little nervous about tomorrow’s Knitting With QueerJoe-LIVE. Mostly, I’m worried that it will be like a Mary Richards’ (Tyler Moore) party.

What Will Happen at Knitting With QueerJoe – LIVE

I will be on-line and available from 11:00 am (Eastern U.S./Canada time) until about 11:45. Or less if there’s little or no interest. You can add the event to your calendar here if you’d like to be reminded.

But here is the approximate agenda. It will vary based on viewer comments/questions.

  • Brief greeting
  • Some Finn photos – so if you’re a Finn fan, you may want to arrive on time
  • Discuss of current WsIP
  • Virtual Craft Show Announcement and Tour
  • Q&A – all questions and requests welcomed – I may be able to allow you to join in the live video feed if you’d prefer to ask your question live, but comments work just as well.

Let me know if you’d like me to add anything to the agenda.

Current Knitting

I’ve been focusing only on my latest Zoom-inspired project.

This is spiral Euphoria by Lavish Craft. It’s difficult to photograph for a number of reasons:

  1. They yarns I’m using are a combination of subtle and vibrant. If I accentuate the subtle too much, the vibrant looks garish. And if I show the vibrant correctly, the subtle yarn disappears.
  2. The moebius aspect of this design has me working on an overlapping loop of cable needle. I can’t stretch it out fully even though the needle length is ridiculously long.
  3. The moebius twist makes for a more complex photo shoot.

Spiral Euphoria 01-29-21 03

Suffice it to say, I really like this design and the yarns seem really good for it so far. I’ll probably be knitting on this one during my live feed tomorrow. Although I may switch to something a bit less bulky.  We’ll see.

2 comments on “Knitting With QueerJoe – LIVE

  1. Finn looks so healthy! How do you do it? My cat Squeek has had a terrible allergy. She had fleas when I got her as a kitten. She gets steroid shots, etc, but I’ve been unable to clear it up. Do you feed Finn something special? Thanks so much, and I love your knitting. I’ll try to sign on to you live tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I can figure out how to do it.

    1. Finn’s health is largely due to Thaddeus’ good care.
      We were told to try a number of different things for Finn’s allergies, but they either changed his personality/energy level way too much or weren’t effective.
      Finally he came upon Atopica, which is mostly dosed for dogs with skin allergies, but it works in lower doses for Finn. It’s not just fleas that Finn is allergic to, so Thaddeus varies his dose throughout the year.

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