Knitting With QueerJoe LIVE and Sankofa

How Did “Knitting With QueerJoe – LIVE” Go?

This is for those of you who weren’t able to join us this past Saturday for Knitting With QueerJoe – LIVE. Or for those who joined and would like to re-watch any or all of it.

Recorded Knitting With QueerJoe – LIVE

We ended up having a couple dozen folks show up for a live-stream version of the vlog.

Overall, the session was a lot of fun for me. And I have heard the viewers enjoyed it too.

You can watch any or all of it here:

Or if you’d like a recap here’s what happened:

There’s lots of Finn stuff. There are three pop-quiz give-aways. I go over 4 current WsIP. You can link to any point along the recorded live-stream here:

Recorded version of KWQJ-LIVE
00:01 Countdown Clock
15:20 Test Sound Check
16:50 Introduction/Reason for the Live-Stream
17:30 Blog Comments/Feedback that spawned the LiveStream
19:45 Finn Video Montage
23:23 Pop Quiz Give-Away #1
27:30 Current Knitting 27: 55 Shaker Rib Cardigan
28:45 Spiral Euphoria
31:10 Knitted Cross-Stitch Scarf
33:10 Choose Your Own Cable Adventure – Fingerless Gloves
35:15 Pop Quiz Give-Away #2
39:30 Sankofa Cowl Design – by Michael Green
42:30 Launch of DoublePointed Designs Virtual Craft Show Web Site
52:30 Pop Quiz Give-Away #3
53:30 Q&A

The Sankofa Cowl

Sankofa Cowl Finished 02
Sankofa Cowl Finished Inside-Out 03
Sankofa Cowl Finished 01
So, who wears it better?
Sankofa Cowl - Joe Modeling 02-01-21 01
Yeah…never mind…we all know the answer to that one.
But follow this amazingly talented new designer...he’s set to burst with a bunch of great new stuff soon.

Current Knitting

I have updated two of my current WsIP.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf 02-01-21 02

2 comments on “How Did “Knitting With QueerJoe – LIVE” Go?

  1. The Finn Show was great! And Queer Joe Live was too!
    The Sankofa Cowl is beautiful. Love the colors. Michael’s design is a winner.
    Best wishes for your fingerless mittens, although considering the snow today, you might want to rethink those fingers!
    Best wishes and look forward to the next Live.

  2. Wellll maybe Michael wears it slightly better…but your colors show off the pattern better! It’s lovely.

    Sorry I missed your show but I will watch soon and hopefully be there for next time. Thank you for being so willing to be entertaining during this less-than-entertaining time we are living in.

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