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Enjoying Knitting Weather?

Most of the people who know me, know I don’t like Winter. Or cold. Or snow. But I’m finding I am enjoying knitting weather.

Are You Enjoying Knitting Weather?

Actually, I’m not hating Winter this year. Despite that we’ve had quite a bit of snow here. And it’s cold and dark. But there are some positive sides to it.

I actually enjoy shovelling snow. We have a small driveway and a second-floor deck that require shovelling.

Enjoying Knitting Weather - Shoveling Snow Deck 02-03-21 01    Enjoying Knitting Weather - Shoveling Snow Deck 02-03-21 02

I don’t need to drive anywhere, anyway. COVID has taken care of that.

  • Yes, COVID sucks, but the cold/snowy weather is keeping people out of the public more
  • Not driving makes me not care about shitty roads. As selfish as that is.
  • I’m not outside at all. So I can’t be hating the maskless idiots that I’m not seeing.

Focusing on inside activities has been fun and productive.

  • Knitting…of course.
  • Finishing up the DoublePointed Designs website. This has been so satisfying. I love how easy it’s been to create an entire shopping website from nothing. And I personally think it looks great. Now we just need to see if folks will buy hand-knits off a web site.
  • Working on other “business”. Pricing, tagging and inventorying craft-show items. Ordering business cards/price tags. Getting shipping materials. All from the comfort and warmth of my desk chair!

Hand-knits are made for this kind of weather.

  • I have a couple dozen pairs of hand-knit or hand-cranked socks. I wear them incessantly.
  • When I get a chill at my desk, I have dozens of cowls, scarves or shawls to snuggle with.
  • Having a bulky sweater in my lap while I work on it is comfortable.

All-in-all, I’m not hating Winter this year.

Current Knitting

Continuing on with Focus on Finishing February, I have made some progress on two projects.

Spiral Euphoria 02-07-21 01

The Spiral Euphoria Cowl has grown! And it will soon be finished. I’ll be able to get a better photo as well. The moebius knitting doesn’t sit well for photographs.

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf CSS0052 01

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf CSS0052 02

Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf CSS0052 03

I’ve finished the latest Knitted Cross Stitch Scarf. I really love how it turned out. It’s mostly because of how well the Uneek Fingering shows up with the gold-hued, softer tones.

Uneek Fingering 02-07-21 01

I need to figure out which Uneek Superwash yarn this is. Color 02?  Not sure.

That means I’m down to 2 projects left that need to be finished. I have held back casting on at least two other projects in the last few days. But it hasn’t stopped me from documenting the two designs in OneNote. I’m also planning on signing up to test-knit a project today.

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