Ripping Out Activities Cap

Ripping Out

I’d like to present a balanced approach to ripping out projects.  Everyone has their own threshold and criteria for which projects require ripping. Here are mine.

QueerJoe’s Criteria For Frogging

Much of a knitter’s capacity to frog a project is based on their experience and speed of knitting.  Also their tolerance for imperfections.

Ripping Out - Quandrant Likelihood of Frogging a Project

I’m the “green dot” in the upper center of the quadrants.

I’ve started to reconcile that I have the ability and speed to be able to quickly rip out a mistake and make it right. But there’s still a tinge of “It doesn’t have to be totally perfect.”

Current Example

I was making another Activities Cap in a rose-colored Patons yarn. I was testing out a new smaller-sized cap. After I had grafted the hem at the top of the headband portion, it didn’t look right.

Activities Cap Headband 03-04-21 01

Activities Cap Headband 03-04-21 02

The width of the inside section seemed longer than the outside, causing this weird buckling of the fabric.

Blocking might have helped, but it was simple enough to just rip it out.

What is your threshold or criteria for ripping out?  Where do you fall on the Frogging Quadrant?

Current Knitting

I’m getting pretty fast at making these Activity Caps/Headbands.

Activities Cap 03-04-21 01

Activities Cap 03-04-21 02

Even after ripping back to the grafting. And putting each row of stitches back on the needle. I was STILL able to finish another hat. This one without any irksome errors.

3 comments on “Ripping Out

  1. Hi Joe. Something must have been wrong with sound for this video. I couldn’t hear the swearing or the sobs. But your eyes said so much.
    The new activity cap looks fantastic!

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