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It’s A Hat!!

So happy to announce that the pattern for the Activities Cap/Headband is available. Yes, after what seems like an eternity, it’s a newborn hat pattern!

It’s A Hat Or A Headband

As one of the easiest designs I’ve ever taken from concept to pattern publication, it still took a lot of effort and time. But it was all worth it. For those interested, the pattern has been published and is for sale on my Ravelry store here.

Just a small warning. The pattern is still in test-knitting status. The volunteer test-knitters have until March 19th to finish either the headband or the full cap.  Two knitters have completed the test. And the others have provided significant feedback that has made the resulting pattern much clearer and more accurate.

I’ve previously blogged that I didn’t think testing a pattern was really necessary.

Thanks to a group of amazing testers, now I’ve changed my mind. A few things I’ve learned:

  • Testing a pattern isn’t always just about finding mistakes
  • Having less-experienced knitters provide honest feedback is incredibly valuable
  • I still have blindspots when it comes to how I read my own patterns
  • If having a pattern test-knit eliminates one buyer’s question, the test-knit is worth it

Interestingly enough, there were no mistakes found in the pattern. Technically. But some instructions were written in an ambiguous way, such that it they could be a mistake if they are misinterpreted.

Publishing a pattern for a very warm hat as Spring is about to start might seem like folly. But hopefully it will find a warm spot in your knitting library.

Activity Headband Its A Success - Activity Cap - Full Cap in Bottle Green AC0010 03 cropped Activities Cap Muted Camo 03-07-21 01 Activities Cap 03-04-21 01

The pattern is available here –

Thank you for all the encouragement and support in this fun design process!

Current Knitting

There are a few things on the needles.  First I’m focusing on finishing the latest pair of fingerless gloves.

Choose Your Cable Adventure Fingerless Gloves 03-10-21 01

Just the thumb and a few thousand ends to weave in.  I should be finished in a jiffy.

I’ve started a new Activity Cap in royal blue.

Activity Cap Royal Blue 03-10-21 01

I wanted to see how this design looked in an acrylic yarn. This yarn is KnitPicks Mighty Stitch Bulky. While the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn I think the worsted weight Mighty Stitch is a bit too limp for the fabric of this hat. I’ll let you know.

I’m also working on the smaller size of version of MGZDesignsCo’s Provenance Mitts.

Provenance Mitts Small 03-10-21 01

Once I finish with the last glove, I’ll focus a little more on this new pair of mitts.

2 comments on “It’s A Hat!!

  1. The Activities Cap Headband looks wonderful. No pom pom needed. The single Finn hair is the perfect touch!
    The fingerless gloves look great!

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