Behind The Scenes at QueerJoe 01

Behind The Scenes At QueerJoe

Every once in a while, I’ll be putting together a blog post and recognize just how much is hidden from readers. So today, you get a look behind the scenes at QueerJoe.

Just How Much Isn’t Visible Behind The Scenes at QueerJoe?

Mostly the “magic” happens in the photography.

And when I say “magic” I mean illusion and fakery.

So, for instance, in the last post…when I was taking photographs I noticed a few things that I didn’t care to disclose to blog readers. Until now.

First of all, I’ll tell you, I edit the shit out of my photos for the blog. As you can see from the feature photo today, most of my photos are taken using a colored portfolio to get a bright colored, contrasting background. They are getting kind of ratty. So minimally photos require that I remove the creases, folds and dings.

Here’s a brief video showing what I go through to edit my images before posting them:


I posted three projects in “Current Knitting” this past Wednesday.

Fingerless Gloves

The first project was the fingerless gloves I was working on.  There was no illusion. That pattern is awesome and there was no need to trick your eye. Other than editing the background color.

Activity Cap/Headband

The second project was another Activity Cap in royal blue. You saw this photo:

Activity Cap Royal Blue 03-10-21 01

What you didn’t see was that there was a moebius twist in the band of knitting (that I carefully disguised with the ball of yarn).

Activity Cap with moebius twist

A twist I hadn’t noticed until I laid it out the project to photograph. Yes, another project that required ripping out.

The Provenance Mitts

And then there were the Provenance Mitts.  You saw this:

Provenance Mitts Small 03-10-21 01

Did you notice that there were only two needles in the project?  Yes…when I picked up the project to photograph it, one of the needles was embedded in between my chair cushion and the side of the chair. And it pulled out.

Provenance Mitts with many dropped stitches

Leaving me with many dropped stitches to put back on the needle. I still haven’t gotten to that yet.

So you see it’s not all effortless knitting of beautiful projects at QueerJoe.

Are you happy seeing how the sausage is made? Or would you prefer to have been left mesmerized by my wizardry?

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Let me take a moment to thank you all for such amazing support. The rollout of the new Activity Cap/Headband was an amazing success. The knitting community can be so wonderfully supportive, and I am VERY grateful.

Current Knitting

I did rip out the most recent Activity Cap/Headband.  And re-started it without a moebius twist.

Activity Cap 03-12-20 QueerJoe 01

I used a bulky acrylic yarn to see how it would work up in this design. There is also a different decrease technique on the crown.

Activity Cap 03-12-20 01

The hat turned out too big and I hate the decrease method. I will take that out and re-do it.

The Provenance Mitt is back on the needle.

Provenance Mitts 03-12-21 02

But I will have to frog back a row to get them correct


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