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Social Distancing A La Carte

Next month we’re hosting a couple dozen guys at the Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat. All guys will be fully vaccinated, but there was still need to somehow allow each guy to set their own social distancing boundaries. I present to you “social distancing a la carte”!

What Is Social Distancing A La Carte?

We did a survey of the attendees of the upcoming retreat. And we had discussions with the retreat venue owner and manager. Some guys have no problem being close and personal with other.

Other guys are still cautious about close contact. The virus is still propagating and even being fully vaccinated doesn’t guarantee that someone won’t contract COVID.

We did a survey to assess how open guys are to various restrictions and/or relaxation of restrictions. We considered putting rules in place for all of the guys. But no matter how strict or how loose we made the rules, there would be some people uncomfortable.

So it became clear we needed each guy to set their own level of safety and health. But how could we do that and still ensure that each individual’s boundary was honored?

Colored coded badges!

Each guy will choose one of the three badges and wear it to show how they want to be treated. And they can change their badge anytime they want as their comfortability level changes.

It turns out the retreat venue is looking at doing a similar thing with wrist bands.

Maybe I’ll try out a mixed message by wearing a wristband the contradicts my pin-backed button. I know…such a rebel.

Current Knitting

So loving the latest knitting project. It’s consuming all my knitting time and I’m glad.

However, I did need to rip back a few rows because I misunderstood the directions. I inserted a different needle and then ripped back bout 1,600 stitches.

But I’ve almost fully recouped what I pulled out!

Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-18-21 02 Knowledge Is Key Shawl 04-18-21 01

Love the constant changing and interesting stitch combinations of Michael’s design. It’s keep me on my toes.

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  1. The buttons are good idea and look great. And your shawl is beautiful. I can’t say enough about loving the colors and the pattern. Best wishes!

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