Relearning How To Knit Sock - HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-08-21 01

Relearning How To Knit Sock

You all know I’m not averse to learning new things, right? But I honestly never thought I’d be relearning how to knit socks.

What Brought Me to Relearning How To Knit Socks?

In short, HiyaHiya 9″ Sharp circular needles is the answer to the question.

What really happened? HiyaHiya reached out to me and said they had some items they’d like me to review on the blog.

Free knitting things? Awesome! Send them right away.

Then the dilemma hits. Two great packages arrive. A beautiful, small bag filled with HiyaHiya knitting notions. No dilemma here…I’m in love and I can RAVE about it (see below). But also was a very cool project bag for socks, filled with 9″ circular sharp needles.

HiyaHiya Sock Project Bag and 9inch Circular Sharp Needles Set HiyaHiya Notions and Notions Bag 01

HiyaHiya Accessory Set A HiyaHiya Notions Bag inner pocket HiyaHiya Sock Project Bag

First of all, I loved the bag. It has a great strap that is attached at the zipper-top and slides across when I opened or closed it!

But I was a bit concerned with the multiple sets of 9″ circular sharp needles in sock-weight sizes.

I don’t knit socks on 9″ circulars. And sharp needles hurt my fingers when with knit with them. What should I do?Lie and rave about them anyway? Tell the truth and re-gift the needles to someone who will use them?

Changing My Mind

How about option 3! I spoke about this in the men’s fiber Zoom meeting assuming everyone else in the room also hated 9″ circulars for socks. Much to my surprise, three of the guys said the LOVED knitting socks in 9″ circulars. Two of them were currently knitting socks on them at that moment.

What?!?! Yes! They assured me it was a good way to knit socks.

I complained my fingers were too stubby and fat. They told me I’d get used to it.

But I push on the points of the needles while I’m knitting and they’re sharp. Again, I was told I’d adapt.

And furthermore, they told me I wouldn’t have to fix ladders, or fiddle with five double-pointed needles or two circulars (and don’t even talk to me about the satan’s anus technique).

Lo and behold, they were right. I am a complete convert. I used two of the 9″ circulars to cast-on (using the figure-8 method for toe-up socks).

HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-08-21 01

Gauge Change

As I adapted to the needles, my gauge was quite different than double-pointed needles. My gauge was too loose, so I inserted a smaller needle (2.5 mm) just above the toe and ripped back.

HiyaHiya 9inch Circular Sock Knitting 10-08-21 02

No ladders. And no fiddling with five double-pointed needles. No fiddling with two circular needles flopping about.

I have become a convert!

SO…the notions bag and contents will definitely be on my list of gifts for knitters. It can be purchased at their HiyaHiya Direct site.

I would LOVE to know if anyone else decides this is the way to knit socks (or if you’ve been doing it all along!).

Current Knitting

In addition to the new sock, I made a lot of progress on the Shoal Cowl.

Shoal Cowl 10-08-21 02

Shoal Cowl 10-08-21 01

This is really a beautiful design by Martin Storey. While I typically don’t like knitting with cotton/denim yarn, this project has been a real joy to work.


20 comments on “Relearning How To Knit Sock

  1. This is exactly what I would have wanted as a knitter first exploring socks. But now I’m a committed believer in the devil’s anus.

  2. Currently knitting a sock on 9′ circulars for the first time.I’m doing cuff- down and am working on the foot.So far I’m really liking it,but I’m reserving my final judgement on them until I knit the toe.I can knit socks on 4 or 5 dpns,2 circulars and magic loop, both cuff-down and toe-up techniques.If I like them on this pair,next I’ll try toe-up on the 9′ needles.That may be the true test for me,as prefer cuff-down.We shall see…

  3. I hated the 9 inch circulars that I tried, but admittedly the ones I tried were one of the cheapest brands you could get. Might have to give it a go with the hiya hiyas. I have a pair of their cute little snips, love them.

    1. My first attempts were with Addi Turbos, but to be fair, I gave up pretty quickly each time I tried.

      It only took about 10 minutes of knitting for me to change my technique (and also realized it changed my gauge quite a bit). I did a brief video on the kinds of changes I made:

  4. I wanted to try the 9” Circular needles also! I will be giving them a try!
    I have the same concerns as you did with my fingers.


  5. I guess I’ll have to give the HiyaHiya 9″ needles a try. I’ve been a magic looper for years. I’m hooked on Chaiogoo — absolute best cables. Tried the Addi FlexiFlips, but they’re a total pain, worse than DPNs. Every so often I try them again, but I can’t get past 2 rows with them before I give up.

    1. Guys on my twice-a-week Zoom fiber chat love ChiaGoos but I’ve never tried them. The HiyaHiya’s are just the right amount of flexibility in the cable, the join is super smooth and the join also seems really rugged and stable (I kind of man-handle my needles…so I like ’em sturdy).

    1. Hi TT…as a new person to sock knitting, I might suggest a less-fine-gauge yarn than sock yarn to see if you enjoy sock knitting. Kristin Spurkland has a few great patterns in her book call “A Knitting Man(ual)” –

      Her hiking socks are done on worsted weight yarn and are a great way of learning the architecture of sock knitting. If you don’t want to get a whole book, look for any worsted weight patterns for socks on Ravelry. Any of them will be decent.

      I would normally recommend “QueerJoe’s Standard Sock Recipe” (which I sell on Ravelry), but I’m using it now, and the pattern really isn’t very well written. I’ll start recommending it again after I revise it.

  6. Uhm so wait, you really are doing socks on two circs butt these are just short circs, right???

    Couldju do two socks on said circs at th’same time???

    And as folks say to me, “you have a csm (and you can use your ribber), why are you doing socks by hand?!?!?!”

    Lovely fun…


    1. I’m doing socks on one 9″ circular (except for the cast-on toe where there aren’t enough stitches to stretch around the cable until after a few increase rounds.

      I have always HATED doing two socks at once. Doing one is perfectly serene and lovely knitting for me.

      And I’m sure you tell those CSM buttinskies that hand-knitting socks and hand-cranking socks are two very different activities…both of them can be quite enjoyable (and also both can be quite frustrating sometimes too).

  7. Always used 9 inch. Found a 9.75 fromChigoo. Works really well. No cramping in hands. We have to remember , we have bigger hands.

        1. I don’t actually hate the “magic thingy”. I resent the technique’s name. Long-time knitters have been doing this technique for decades before it was labeled as magic. Many of us did it out of necessity when our hat or sleeve decreases made the circumference of our knitting too narrow and we didn’t have a second circular needle, or the correct size double-pointed needles.

          So after years of using this technique when I was out of other options, someone gives it a name and infers they invented it.

          Uh…no…and it’s not “magic” at all.

          Yes, I hold resentments for a long time.

  8. I also hate the so called ‘magic loop’ but I love ‘Satan’s Anus! I’v only been knitting for only 50 years and must admit that I hate dpns and I recently tried the small 9 inch needles, but like Joe said, and some other, my fingers are just too big for those toothpicks, I did like the comment that said that Chigoo has 9.75 inch needles, now that I might be able to handle, which check out these needles.
    Thanks for all you do, when I was growing up, there was no support for men who knit, and lots of ridicule! So, Bless you Joe!
    Gonna start calling my boyfriend ‘Satan’s anus’

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