The Simple Iceberg Wedge Salad

The Simple Iceberg Wedge Salad

Growing up in a family of nine people, we at a lot of iceberg lettuce. But I still enjoy the simple iceberg wedge salad when I’m out to eat.

A Well-Done Iceberg Wedged Salad

I actually like iceberg lettuce. I know it is virtually devoid of nutrients and/or flavor. But I like the crisp, freshness of it. And what is lettuce really but a conveyance for tasty salad dressing?

And iceberg does a fantastic job of conveying tastiness in the basic wedge salad.

Steakhouses were the place where I first discovered this little delicacy. Other restaurants carried it too, but the best ones were in good steakhouses in my experience.

It’s a simple salad…a wedge of iceberg lettuce (sometimes it’s a 1/4th of the head), a good, chunky bleu cheese dressing and pieces of smoky bacon.

The version I had recently also had tomatoes…which added nothing but color.  I also add salt and freshly ground pepper to mine.

Since it’s only three main ingredients, all three have to be good quality.

  • Stale lettuce that tastes like the inside of a refrigerator clearly ruins it
  • Cheap bacon, or poorly cooked bacon doesn’t work very well – it can’t be too crisp or too limp and it has to be smoked bacon to give it the right flavor
  • Runny or flavorless bleu cheese dressing is bad, but not the worst – it’s difficult to get a flavorless bleu cheese dressing, and it can always have crumbled bleu cheese added for texture and flavor

The simple and modest wedge salad is a classic and I order it whenever I see it on the menu. It’s also a good way to evaluate a restaurant in my opinion.

Current Knitting

I started a new Westward Hat by Stephen West.

Westward Hat 11-18-21 02

It’s a great design (one of my favorites of his). I’ve only completed the headband portion. While the pattern is for either the headband only, or the full hat, I will definitely be knitting the nicely cabled full hat.

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      1. Great to hear! All those lucky people who now are enjoying your creations! The Westward Hat looks amazing. What interesting stitches and design! Look forward to seeing what it looks like finished.
        Best wishes!

  1. When I was a kid my favourite sandwich of all time was 2 slices of bread and iceberg lettuce, lightly salted. No butter, mayo or any other thing to interfere with the texture!

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