Knitting With QueerJoe is Back - Episode 13 Screen Capture

Knitting With QueerJoe is BACK!!!

Although it’s called “Knitting With QueerJoe” there is no actual knitting in this episode, but hopefully you’ll still find it worth watching.

If There’s No Knitting With QueerJoe – What Is There?

It’s been quite a while since I recorded and published an episode of Knitting With QueerJoe. And I figured the latest episode needed to include colorful and pretty things (other than me).

So I pulled out the old Daisy-Loom and put it to work in this brief, yet enjoyable episode.

Just a few show notes:

  1. My words weren’t coming to me easily while I recorded this. So words like “prong” and flower-related words just wouldn’t come to mind. Sorry for the stammering.
  2. Finding a Daisy-Loom of your own seems pretty easy.  New ones (or a version that will accomplish similar items) are on Amazon (promotional link):
  3. Purchasing vintage ones is also easy on eBay here.
  4. My Daisy-Loom is the 2″ model (I think they come in other sizes)

Please watch…I still haven’t quite leveled up on YouTube regarding hours watched in the last 365 days. I will eventually get there, but every minute watched helps!  Thanks.

Current Knitting

The repaired shawl was successfully delivered to a happy recipient. She couldn’t have been more please. I wrapped it in plastic to help avoid any future yarn-gnawing, but I honestly don’t think either she or I were the source of the issue. In all likelihood, it was an intermediary who had it for a month.

I started on a new pair of half-finger gloves.

Half Finger Gloves 12-13-21 02

Half Finger Gloves 12-13-21 01

The color in the top photo is more accurate. The original pair in this color was promised to a friend if I didn’t sell them at the craft show. Since I did, I’m making another in this color for him.

2 comments on “Knitting With QueerJoe is BACK!!!

  1. Your Daisy Loom is great and it is wonderful to see how you use it! The flowers look beautiful. Could there be a tea cosy in your future? Kidding! They look neat in your bowl and will make a beautiful afghan!
    As always your fingerless gloves are super. Your friend will enjoy the pair you are making him and sing their praises! Great color!

  2. Thanks for the Daisy Loom lesson, Joe. I just ordered one from Etsy through your link. I’m knitting a pink poncho for a little girl — at her request— and a ring of daisies might go well around the neck, like a woolen lei. The pattern she chose is called Retro Poncho so the retro Daisy Loom fits right in.

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