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Blogger Appreciation Day

If I can declare knitting a sport as I did yesterday, then I can certainly declare a global holiday to honor bloggers.

I have been inspired by them, I have laughed with them, I have learned from (I have stolen HTML from them), so now it’s time to say thanks to all the bloggers who have been doing this “blog thing” for a lot longer than me…way before I even heard of the word.

By far, Wendy has been the biggest influence. I love reading her blog, I think her knitting is as good as it gets and she’s been keeping her blog going for an incredibly long time (and that is no easy task). Stop by her site and say hi, and tell her QueerJoe says hi too.

Marilyn (The Knitting Curmudgeon) has one of the most entertaining knit blogs on the world wide web. I love her caustic humor and her writing is flawless. Being a writer by profession with past jobs as editor, she puts together an amazing site. A true breath of fresh air after reading endless Knitlist bullshit.

Kate’s blog is a must read for any knit blog reader who appreciates reading about young knitters with interesting design ideas and just interesting ideas about life. Plus, her husband is cute as hell (I would imagine most straight guys or lesbians would think the same thing about her).

I love reading Justin’s blog just to see what he and his two lovers, his children and his pets are up to. Having never seen a picture of what he looks like, I have a very clear picture of him in my mind based on his clever writings about raising children in a seemingly very Bohemian family environment.

Some of the more recent entrants into knit-blogging, but also great daily reads are Antonio…love reading his blog, and check out the amazing graphics and interesting knit content on Matt and Rob’s site at Crowing Ram.

There are tons of other great knitting blogs, and I find more and more each day. So far, these are the blogs that have inspired me to designate January 24th as Blogger Appreciation Day.

Knitting Progress
Got a few more inches done on the Sister Sweater. I thought you might want to see a glimpse of my design tools when knitting a sweater like the one for my sister.

Design Docs

Here’s what the sweater’s looking like now…see I’m finally into the third stitch pattern section. Just an inch or two more till I start the arm hole shaping.

Sister Sweater 012403

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