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After a brief foray in “Jerry Springer does Knit Blogging”, I’ll retire quickly back to less controversial subjects.

But before I do, I’d like to say that the response to my last post was one of the most interesting and mind-broadening experiences I’ve had in blogging so far. I am always grateful for comments, but yesterday’s comments had a clear impact on my thinking, which I always consider valuable.

Book Store SEX
SEX or “Stash Enhancement eXpedition” occurred this past weekend. We were out to dinner with a friend and afterwards we stopped in at a local book store. I immediately found some patterned tissue paper for gift wrapping that I liked and picked up two packages (you may recall that I pride myself on gift wrapping as part of my 100 Things About Me). I always check out the knitting section in book stores, but rarely purchase. This time, I found two Debbie Bliss books, Simple Knits (or something like that) and Celtic Knits. The Simple Knits book wasn’t at all interesting for me, so I passed on that one immediately. The Celtic Book I liked and decided to buy. I had already made the commitment to go through a check-out process with the tissue paper, so another item wouldn’t upset the process.

Celtic Knits

I was glad to see that they finally allowed Debbie to publish some adult sweater designs. Last I had heard, she told Rowan that she wanted to do a book on adult sweaters, but they had her pigeon-holed as a children’s sweater designer. Maybe that’s changed now…let’s hope so.

Other than the brief thumb-through I gave the book in the store, I haven’t had a chance to really look at it. I’ll do that tonight if get some time.

Knit Progress
The sister sweater continues on. I’ve done more on the sleeve and will hopefully finish the first sleeve tonight or tomorrow. I may even get to finish the full sweater by this weekend. Work has been very busy and I have to work a fully five day week this week, so knitting time may be limited.

Also, for those of you who can’t get enough of Gage, here’s another diva pose of him perched on top of an arm chair…don’t you just love him?

Gage On Chair

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