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Happy Pride Month

Just a brief post to wish all my readers a Happy Pride Month. So, this post is a simple reminder that “pride” is a journey, not a destination. And mine continues to grow.

What Will Make Yours A Happy Pride Month

How will you take this month as an opportunity to grow your pride?

Lately, it seems I am doing that in a few ways:

  1. Discovering blind spots in my knowledge of as many LGBTQQIP2SAA issues as I can.
  2. Expanding my identity and support to anyone who is gender non-conforming in any way.
  3. Looking at ways I can support and affirm the folks who need it most.

Also, the lifelong journey of pride has the inherent benefit of self-worth. I can’t recommend this journey highly enough. And it’s also become more and more apparent that in affirming and supporting others, I realize the self-worth I am trying to foster.

Current Knitting

There was a bit of post-retreat knitting slump, but I did finally pick up the Primordial Sworls Shawl again.

Primordial Sworls Shawl 06-01-21 01

Primordial Sworls Shawl 06-01-21 02

This design continues to be a really fun knit, and while I’m not thrilled about the colors I chose, I think there will be someone at a craft show that will love it.

We’ll see.

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  1. Happy Pride Everybody

    I always give to the people around me, my community (mostly homeless) & sometimes beyond…. My journey has been long and hard but I’ve made the best of it. The universe takes care of all my needs☮️💖

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