Year-End Blog Stats - QueerJoe Year-End Summary

Year-End Blog Stats

It’s almost the end of 2020. So, I thought I’d present the year-end blog stats. With commentary of course.

This Site’s Year-End Blog Stats

I switched over to WordPress at the end of 2018, I really haven’t checked out my blog statistics. So, I’m honestly surprised by a couple of the 2020 statistics.

Overall, I posted 172 blog posts in 2020 (including this one). There were almost 170,000 visits to QueerJoe. That’s about 465 visits a day. Way more than it used to be.  Almost all of those visits came from social media links (mostly Facebook).  Even if I just look at unique visitors, it’s still 177 visitors per day. Yikes!

Annual Blog Statistics 2020

Look at the most popular blog posts of the year. And then the Search Terms used to find QueerJoe. Clearly, it seems that blog readers are:

  • Crochet fanatics (crochet topics seem to garner more interest than porn).
  • Interested in the Ravelry controversies.
  • Overly interested in lighting matches after pooping.
  • Also, a bit overly interest in underpants.
  • Wanting to know about creepy puppets and scary dolls.
  • Trump haters.
  • And so, still queer AF!

Top Blog Posts 2020

Blog Post# of Views


Some Odd Search Terms

  • crocheted into a corner
  • does linen stitch use more yarn
  • wtf dolls
  • light a match after pooping
  • ravelry cassidy
  • don t do charity knitting self-righteous
  • arne and carlos gay
  • quick knit for queers
  • scary dolls
  • namoli brennet scrabble
  • best little boy sundrome
  • the most ignorant president
  • lots of puppets creepy
  • rowan tilt by lisa richardson

Thank You!

There are almost 500 subscribers to QueerJoe. So, with an amazingly supportive reader base, I would like to say thank you for taking an interest. I LOVE writing QueerJoe, so it’s all the more gratifying to have awesome folks reading it.

1 comment on “Year-End Blog Stats

  1. Lots more check out. Blogs that I missed.
    I keep meaning to let you know… You asked if you thought your neon yellow hat would sell. There is a young man who walks his dog in the neighborhood and he is wearing that neon yellow/green hat just like yours. And I guessing your hats would be really popular during hunting season too.
    Best wishes for the coming year. Thanks so much for the knitting zoom too!

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